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曾拓榮 副教授
國際期刊 (International Referred Journals) SCI papers
  1. Liu CH, Chang HM, Wu TH, Chen LY, Yang YS, Tseng TJ, Liao WC (2017,Oct). Rearrangement of potassium ions and Kv1.1/Kv1.2 potassium channels in regenerating axons following end-to-end neurorrhaphy: ionic images from TOFSIMS. Histochemistry and Cell Biology, 148(4), 407-416.
  2. Tseng TJ, Yang ML, Hsieh YL, Ko MH, Hsieh ST. (2017, Aug). Nerve Decompression Improves Spinal Synaptic Plasticity of Opioid Receptors for Pain Relief. Neurotoxicity Research. MOST 102-2320-B-040-024. 本人為第一作者.
  3. Liu CH, Lan CT, Chou JF, Tseng TJ, Liao WC (2017, Jun). CHSY1 promotes aggressive phenotypes of hepatocellular carcinoma cells via activation of the hedgehog signaling pathway. CANCER LETTERS, 403:280-288. 本人為通訊作者.
  4. Liu CH, Chang HM, Tseng TJ, Lan CT, Chen LY, Youn SC, Lee JJ, Mai FD, Chou JF, Liao WC. (2016, Nov). Redistribution of Cav2.1 channels and calcium ions in nerve terminals following end-to-side neurorrhaphy: ionic imaging analysis by TOF-SIMS.. Histochemistry and Cell Biology, 146(5), 599-608.
  5. Ko MH, Yang ML, Youn SC, Lan CT, Tseng TJ. (2016, Jun). Intact subepidermal nerve fibers mediate mechanical hypersensitivity via the activation of protein kinase C gamma in spared nerve injury.. Molecular pain. MOST 102-2320-B-040-024. 本人為通訊作者.
  6. Tseng TJ, Hsiao TH, Hsieh ST, Hsieh YL. (2015, Jul). Determinants of nerve conduction recovery after nerve injuries: Compression duration and nerve fiber types.. Muscle Nerve. 本人為第一作者.
  7. Ko MH, Hsieh YL, Hsieh ST, Tseng TJ (2015, Mar). Nerve demyelination increases metabotropic glutamate receptor subtype 5 expression in peripheral painful mononeuropathy. Int J Mol Sci, 16(3), 4642-4665. MOST 102-2320-B-040-024. 本人為通訊作者.
  8. Tseng TJ, Hsieh YL, Ko MH, Hsieh ST. (2014, Jul). Redistribution of voltagegated sodium channels after nerve decompression contributes to relieve neuropathic pain in chronic constriction injury.. Brain Research, 1589C:15-25..NSC 102-2320-B-040-024. 本人為第一作者.
  9. Ko MH, Hu ME, Hsieh YL, Lan CT, Tseng TJ. (2014, Jun). Peptidergic intraepidermal nerve fibers in the skin contribute to the neuropathic pain in paclitaxel-induced peripheral neuropathy.. Neuropeptides, 48(3),109-17. NSC 102-2320-B-039-002. 本人為通訊作者.
  10. Lu TH, Tseng TJ, Su CC, Tang FC, Yen CC, Liu YY, Yang CY, Wu CC, Chen KL, Hung DZ, Chen YW. (2014, Jan). Arsenic induces reactive oxygen speciescaused neuronal cell apoptosis through JNK/ERK-mediated mitochondriadependent and GRP 78/CHOP-regulated pathways.. Toxicology Letters. 本人為第一作者.
  11. Chen CH, Chen SJ, Su CC, Yen CC, Tseng TJ, Jinn TR, Tang FC, Chen KL, Su YC, Lee KI, Hung DZ, Huang CF. (2013, Jan). Chloroacetic acid induced neuronal cells death through oxidative stress-mediated p38-MAPK activation pathway regulated mitochondria-dependent apoptotic signals. Toxicology,303C:72-82. 本人為第一作者.
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106~107 胰島素對鏈月尿佐菌素誘發神經病變性疼痛行為的影響:探討胰島素受體貝塔的作用。


107~108 探討腫瘤壞死因子受體1在長春新鹼誘發神經病變性疼痛的影響。