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陳儷友 兼任講師

國際期刊 (International Referred Journals) – SCI papers 

    1. Mai, F.D., Chen, L.Y., Ling, Y.C., Chen, B.J., Wu, U.I. and Chang, H.M.* (2010) Molecular imaging of in vivo calcium ion expression in area postrema of total sleep deprived rats: implications for cardiovascular regulation by TOF-SIMS analysis. Applied Surface Science 256: 4456-4461.

    2. Wu, U.I., Mai, F.D., Sheu, J.N., Chen, L.Y., Liu, Y.T., Huang, H.C. and Chang, H.M.* (2011) Melatonin inhibits microglial activation, reduces pro-inflammatory cytokine levels, and rescues hippocampal neurons of adult rats with acute Klebsiella pneumoniae meningitis. Journal of Pineal Research 50: 159-170.

    3. Sheu JN, Liao WC, Wu UI, Shyu LY, Mai FD, Chen LY, Chen MJ, Youn SC, Chang HM*. (co-first author) (2013, Mar).Resveratrol Suppresses Calcium Mediated Microglial Activation and Rescues Hippocampal Neurons of Adult Rats following Acute Bacterial Meningitis. (DOI: 10.1016/j.cimid.2012.11.002).Comparative Immunology, Microbiology & Infectious Diseases, 36:137-148. (SCI, 6/143,VETERINARY SCIENCES).

    4. Chang HM, Liu CH, Hsu WM, Chen LY, Wang HP, Wu TH, Chen KY, Ho WH, Liao WC.Proliferative effects of melatonin on Schwann cells: Implication for nerve regeneration following peripheral nerve injury. Journal of Pineal Research 2014(56):322-332.

      5. Chen LY, Tiong C, Tsai CH, Liao WC, Yang SF, Youn SC, Mai FD, Chang HM.Early-life sleep deprivation persistently depresses melatonin production and bio-energetics of the pineal gland: Potential implications for the development of metabolic deficiency. Brain Structure and Function 2015(220):663-676.



  1. 林俶慧,陳儷友,蔡崇弘 (2008).摩拖車死亡車禍自撞與被撞傷勢探討.刑事科學 64:61-68.

  2. 許逸文.陳儷友.呂碧蓮.蔡崇弘 (2010). 使用線性結構關係模式探討高處墬落之死亡方式-自殺或意外 69:27-34