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本科十分重視學術研究,因此鼓勵醫師從事研究工作及在職進修醫學研究所,並鼓勵醫師參加國內外醫學會論文或個案報告,以增進學術交流。最近五年發表於國內外知名醫學雜誌期刊,以及參加國內外醫學論文報告如下 :


103學年度 2014.08 -


1. Clinical Characteristics and Outcome in Norovirus Gastroenteritis. Min-Sho Ku, Ji-Nan Sheu, Ching-Pin Lin, Yu-Hua Chao, Shan-Ming Chen* . Indian J Pediatr. 2014; 81:1321–1326. [SCI]



2. Jeng-Dau Tsai, Chang-Ching Wei,Shan-Ming Chen, Ko-Huang Lue,,Ji-Nan Sheu* Association between the growth rate of renal cysts/angiomyolipomas and age in the patients with tuberous sclerosis complex. Int Urol Nephrol 2014;46:1685–1690. [SCI]


3. Jeng-Dau Tsai, Shan-Ming Chen, Chien-Heng Lin, Min-Sho Ku, Teng-Fu Tsao, Ji-Nan Sheu. Normal Uricemia in Lesche-Nyhan Syndrome and the Association with Pulmonary Embolism in a Young Child- A Case Report and Literature Review. Pediatrics and Neonatology 2014;55:312-5 [SCI]     



102學年度 2013.08 – 2014.07


1. Shan-Ming Chen, Ching-Pin Lin, Jeng-Dau Tsai, Yu-Hua Chao, Ji-Nan Sheu*.


The Significance of Serum and Fecal Levels of Interleukin-6 and Interleukin-8 in Hospitalized Children with Acute Rotavirus and Norovirus Gastroenteritis. Pediatrics and Neonatology 2014;55:120-126.   [SCI]



2. Faecal calprotectin as a novel biomarker for differentiating between inflammatory bowel disease and irritable bowel syndrome. Ming-Hui Chang, Jen-Wei Chou, Shan-Ming Chen, Ming-Chang Tsai, Yu-Shu Sun, Chun-Che Lin, Ching-Pin Lin*. Mol Med Rep. 2014;10:522-6.  [SCI]



3. Jeng-Dau Tsai, Hung-Tsung Kuo, Shan-Ming Chen, Ko-Huang Lue, Ji-Nan Sheu*. Neurological Images and the Predictors for Neurological Sequelae of Epidemic Herpangina/Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease with Encephalomyelitis. Neuropediatrics 2014;45:102-8  [SCI]



4. Teck-King Tan, Fong-Lin Chen, Ji-Nan Sheu, Shan-Ming Chen, Jeng-Dau Tsai. Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Associated with Heterotopic Ossification in a Young Girl. Pediatrics and Neonatology. 2014;55:65-7 [SCI]



101學年度 2012.08 – 2013.07


1. Ming-Yu Hsieh, Min-Sho Ku, Teng-Fu Tsao, Shan-Ming Chen, Yu-Hua Chao, Jeng-Dau Tsai, Ko-Huang Lue, and Ji-Nan Sheu. Rare Case of Atrophic Ectopic Kidney With Giant Hydronephrosis in a 7-Year-Old Girl. Urology 2013;81:655658              [SCI]


2. Chih-Yu Chiu, Po-Hon Chen, Chan-Fai Chan, Mei-Hwei Chang, Tzee-Chung Wu, Tien-Hau Lien, Jia-Feng Wu, Huey-Ling Chen, Hung-Chang Lee, An-Chyi Chen, Mao-Meng Tiao, Yao-Jong Yang,  Chieh-Chung Lin, Ming-Wei Lai, Hong-Yuan Hsu, Yen-Hsuan Ni,  Wan-Hsin Wen, Chun-Hsien Yu, I-Hsien Lee, Lung-Huang Lin, Wen-Terng Lin, Hsiang-Hung Shih, Pi-Feng Chang, Ching-Feng Huang, I-Fei Huang, Chun-Yan Yeung, Shan-Ming Chen, Te-Kuei Hsieh. Biliary Atresia in Preterm Infants in Taiwan: A Nationwide Survey. Journal of Pediatrics 2013;163:100103                                                                [SCI]



3. Ji-Nan Sheu*, Kang-Hsi Wu, Shan-Ming Chen, Jeng-Dau Tsai, Yu-Hua Chao, and Ko-Huang Lue. Acute 99mTc DMSA Scan Predicts Dilating Vesicoureteral Reflux in Young Children With a First Febrile Urinary Tract Infection. Clin Nucl Med 2013;38:163168. [SCI]



4. Yu-Hua Chao, Ji-Nan Sheu, Shan-Ming Chen, Kang-Hsi Wu. Diagnostic Paracentesis in an Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Child Without Characteristic Symptoms of Pancreatitis J Pediatr Hematol Oncol 2013;35:e47




5. Shan-Ming Chen, Min-Sho Ku, Ming-Yung Lee, Jeng-Dau Tsai, Ji-Nan Sheu.


Diagnostic performance of serum interleukin-6 and interleukin-10 levels and clinical predictors in children with rotavirus and norovirus gastroenteritis. Cytokine 2012; 59: 299–304.   [SCI]



6. Shan-Ming Chen, Hung-Ming Chang, Tung-Wei Hung, Yu-Hua Chao, Jeng-Dau Tsai, Ko-Huang Lue, Ji-Nan Sheu. Diagnostic performance of procalcitonin for hospitalised children with acute pyelonephritis presenting to the paediatric emergency department Emerg Med J 2013;30:406–10.    [SCI]          



100學年度2011.08 – 2012.07


1. Ji-Nan Sheu, Hung-Ming Chang, Shan-Ming Chen, Tung-Wei Hung and Ko-Huang Lue. The Role of Procalcitonin for Acute Pyelonephritis and Subsequent Renal Scarring in Infants and Young Children. J Urol. 2011;186:20028.  [SCI]



2. Hui-Hsien Pan, Hung-Ming Chang, Shan-Ming Chen, Tung-Wei Hung, Ko-Huang Lue, and Ji-Nan Sheu.Life-Threatening Rhabdomyolysis Induced by Streptococcus bovis Sepsis in a 6-Year-Old Girl Presented to the Pediatric Emergency Department. Pediatr Emer Care 2012;28: 469–71.  [SCI]



3. Chih-Yi Chen, Teng-Fu Tsao, Hung-Ming Chang,Sung-Lang Chen, Shan-Ming Chen,Tong-Wei Hung, Ko-Huang Lue, Ji-Nan Sheu. Bladder agenesis and bilateral ectopic ureters draining into the vagina in a female infant: demonstrated by MR imaging. Surg Radiol Anat 2012; 34, 89–92.