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楊世忠 兼任講師

國際期刊 (International Referred Journals) – SCI papers (2000-2009)

  1. Lan C.T., J.C Liu, E.A. Ling, M.H. Cheng, and S.C. Youn (2000) Target-dependent axonal sprouting following vagal-hypoglossal nerve anastomosis in cats. Restorative Neurology and Neuroscience 17:113-124. (NSC89-2314-B-040-007)
  2. Wang H.M., S.C. Youn, M.H. Cheng, and C.T. Lan (2002) Microglial reactions in the pineal gland of sleep-deprived rats with or without melatonin treatment. 中山醫學雜誌 13:59-68.
  3. 楊世忠.饒正(2006)低能量雷射照射對免疫調節功能和臨床上復發性口腔潰瘍療效之探討(The Immuno-modulation Effect of Low Level Laser Therapy in Various Wavelenghths on Mice)中華口腔雷射醫學雜誌第二期第一卷:19-32

  4. 錢佑.楊世忠(2006).低能量雷射照射人體末梢循環血液對淋巴細胞染色體影響的研究(Clinical Therapy of Low-Level Laser Irradiation on Herpes Simplex Viruses).中華口腔雷射醫學雜誌•第二期第一卷:42-46

  5. Chang, H.M.*, Huang, Y.L., Lan, C.T., Wu, U.I., Hu, M.E. and Youn, S.C. (2008) Melatonin preserves superoxide dismutase activity in hypoglossal motoneurons of adult rats following peripheral nerve injury. Journal of Pineal Research 44: 172-180. [SCI, 國科會計畫編號 NSC 94-2320-B040-014; NSC 95-2320-B040-012]
  6. Min-Hsiung Cheng, Hao-Tsai Cheng, Shih-Shen Lin, Su-Chung Young, Chien-Jung Pai, Pao-Hsin Liao, Shu-Chen Chen, Ming-Yung Chou, Jaw-Ji Hang, and Chi-Chiang Yang(2009) Apoptotic death mode of mitomycin C-treated HeLa cells and cellular localization of mitomycin C-induced P-glycoprotein Drug and Chemical Toxicology32(2)158-168

  7. Sheu JN, Liao WC, Wu UI, Shyu LY, Mai FD, Chen LY, Chen MJ, Youn SC, Chang HM*. (co-first author) (2013, Mar).Resveratrol Suppresses Calcium Mediated Microglial Activation and Rescues Hippocampal Neurons of Adult
    Rats following Acute Bacterial Meningitis. (DOI: 10.1016/j.cimid.2012.11.002).Comparative Immunology, Microbiology & Infectious Diseases, 36:137-148. (SCI, 6/143,VETERINARY SCIENCES).



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