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劉春蘭 助理教授

國際期刊(International Referred Journals) – SCI papers (2000-2011)

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  3. Liu C.L., J.M. Wang, C.Y. Chu, M.T. Cheng, and T.H. Tseng. (2002) In vivo protective effect of protocatechuic acid on t-butyl hydroperoxide-induced rat hepatotoxicity. Food & Chemical Toxicology 40:635-641.
  4. Liu C.L., K.K. Liao, K.S. Lu. (2002) Comparative studies on the surface fine structure of the subcommissural organ in hamsters and gerbils. 中山醫學雜誌 13: 147-155.
  5. Hung-Yu Li, David P-C Lin, Chin-Yin Chen, Ko-Kaung Liao, Chun-Lan Liu, Mei-Lin Peng, Yang-Cheng Wen, Kuang-Wen Tseng.(2010).Sensory and Sympathetic Denervation in the Foot Pads of Mice with a Defect in Bullous Pemphigoid Antigen 1(BPAG1) gene.Chung Shan Med J.21:189-199.
  6. CHIA-CHUN KAO, MD,1 MU-KUAN CHEN, MD, PhD,1,2,3 WU-HSIEN KUO, MD, PhD,4,5 TZY-YEN CHEN, MD, PhD,1,6,SHIH-CHI SU, MS,7 YI-HSIEN HSIEH, PhD,8 CHUEN-LAN LIU, MS,9 MING-CHIH CHOU, MD, PhD,1,HSIU-TING TSAI, PhD,10* AND SHUN-FA YANG, PhD1,11,12*( 2010)Influence of Glutathione-S-transferase Theta (GSTT1) and mu (GSTM1) Gene Polymorphisms on the Susceptibility of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Taiwan.Journal of Surgical Oncology.102:301–307.
  7. Wea-Lung Lin 1,3, Chung-Hung Tsai 1,3, Chun-Lan Liu 2, Lien-Chuan Yang 3,Wan-Ru Chao 3(2011).Bilateral cervical ectopic thymic nodules with accessory thyroid tissue and an ectopic parathyroid in the neck region.Journal of Dental Sciences.6:61-64.